Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Tomato in the Corner
7 X 5
Oil on Hardboard
I was trolling through the new art the other day on Daily Paintworks and saw a painting that caught my eye.  When I clicked on it and went to the blog, I was surprised to read that the artist had destroyed the painting because he didn't like it.  I left a comment saying that I was surprised b/c that painting was the only one of 100 on the DPW page that had caught my eye. 

Here is the painting:
by Mike Alonzo
I think this is a GREAT painting!  Do you agree?

O.K. now here is where I would like your help.  I am not lovin' my last painting "Tomato in the Corner".  I tried to do something different with the background.  Most artists recommend having a plain background, but I'm thinking that doing that every time just gets to be well....plain.

I would really love to have your input and suggestions for what might help this painting.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.  Karla


  1. I do agree Karla ,Mike's painting is beautiful.
    Maybe all your painting needs is a straight horizon line instead of curved,otherwise I think the colours and textures are great and is what you do very well.

  2. Firstly, I do agree with you about the painting that was trashed. I think it is beautiful! I love the composition, the colors, the brushstrokes. Makes me sad to know it is gone.

    As to your piece, I know what you mean about your plain makes plain at times. Still and yet, Karla, I think this one does not qualify as plain. There is a rustic look to that table that lends to much to the beauty of the tomato. In this particular case, I think you should leave it as it is!

  3. Thanks for your suggestions Azra! I did change it to a linier horizon and I like it much better!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Sherry! I agree it is sad that that beautiful painting is gone. Maybe he will get some suggestions next time before trashing another painting.

  5. I agree. The background needs something. My suggestion. Extend the table and lay a knife diagonally behind the tomato.

  6. Thanks for the idea Jean. I'm going to try that.

  7. I do love the barn painting. It is funny that the thing we are the most dissatisfied with is the one others really like.
    About the tomato. I think the background is such a sharp contrast to the tomato that it makes it more dramatic and grabs my eye to look more, look deeper. I like it alot.


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