Monday, September 12, 2011


8 X 10
Oil on Hardboard
This is my entry into this week's Daily Paintworks challenge.  The challenge was to use only four values.  It wasn't clear if the entries were to be in black and white and shades of gray or if we could use color.  So I used color!  This is my first attempt at painting a cat.  I may touch up his "bib". 

A big thank you to Linda at 365 Days With Linda for being gracious enough to let me paint from her photo of her kitty.  If you haven't been over there check her out.  She is an amazing photographer!!

Here is how it might look framed


  1. Very nice! She has a very sweet and kind expression, and the values are captured very nicely.

  2. i like kitty! nice artwork! :)

  3. Sweet one, Karla. I know Linda and I too love to paint from her photos.


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