Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Find of the Week

Pot o' Geraniums
12 X 12
Oil on Hardboard

My painting has slowed down the last few days.  I am starting a low-carb diet and having some withdrawl symptoms.  Sugar mostly.  Feeling better this afternoon.  Should be back at it on Monday.  I have discovered that a low-carb diet helps me immensly to control my fibromyalgia and chronic depression.  I have been trying to "cheat" and have been paying the price.

The Blog find of the week for this week is Darrell Hill's painting tips.  Darrell is a very successful artist residing in Hawaii.  He was last week's guest on Dreama and Leslie's talk readio show.  Look for the page link for 7 Tips.  There are some really good painting tips in there.

Today marks my 100th post.  Thanks for reading!

Here is how it might look framed


  1. Lovely geraniums Karla! The pot has has some great texture too.

  2. Interesting that low carb helps the fibro, Karla. I'm not taking meds for mine any longer and have therefore been told by "my" rheumatologist that he will no longer treat me. I just find that the potential side effects of the meds aren't worth the fact that they were doing nothing for me. I've decided that it is just something I have to live with and just gut through the days. And I am awful at denying myself certain foods (translation: junk food) too. Price I pay, I suppose. Glad you are finding some natural ways to feel better though.

    This pot of geraniums is just yummy! Love the colors especially!

  3. Thanks Sherry!

    The "cure" for fybromyagia was a bonus. I started looking for a natural way to treat depression. For me, sugar is the culprit for fibromyalgia flare-ups and white flour is the culprit for my depression. I followed the advise of Julia Ross and her book The Mood Cure and have felt the best I have ever felt. (except for my recent slip up) Hope you find some help for yours. Karla

  4. Dear Karla,
    Congrats 100th post! Please keep up ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
    Kind regards, Sadami


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