Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Loose - Tight - or Deceptive?

"Loosen Up"
5 X 5
Oil on hardboard
 This is another pear that I bought at the grocery store.  This time I tried painting it in a "looser" style.  There seems to be a lot of appreciation in the art world right now for "loosely" painted pieces.  Realism has taken a back seat.  I am still really drawn to realism but I also enjoy it's loose cousin.

After reading Stapleton Kearns blog post for today, I wonder if the real mastery is painting a painting that looks tightly delivered only to discover it is quite loose upon closer inspection.  A little joyous surprise when you get up close and personal.

To have the desire to paint like that would be quite an ambitious undertaking.

Here is how it might look framed


  1. How about "just right" Karla.....I think as artists we have to stop trying to go with the flow and just paint what's in our heart and soul. That's what I try to do. Oh, I have those artists I emulate a bit, but in the end the painting is mine. I think the subject matter and how you see it and portray it on the canvas has alot to do with it. I've been told by some that they can see my "style" in my painting; although it doesn't have a name they can tell the painting is mine and I like that. Enjoy your day, Karla....happy painting!

  2. I like this looser style Karla,its lively and has more energy and the colours are more zingy.

  3. Thanks Carol for weighing in! I agree with you. I think until this point I have been experimenting with different styles. Now, I think I can try to branch out on my own. I don't know if I will ever adopt one style whether it is mine or someone elses. I am just too much of a "free spirit" to narrow it down. The painting I did today and will post tomorrow is kind of a happy medium of these two styles. I had a short amount of time to work in and I like how it turned out. Maybe that is "me"....for now.

  4. Thanks Azra. It definately is a different feel than the one from the day before.


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