Monday, April 11, 2011

Pitcher With Nest

Pitcher with Nest
8 X 10
Oil on Hardboard

Don't you just love when "accidents" happen?  I spent almost an hour today setting up a new still life to paint.  I was working on the kitchen counter.  When I finally had what I liked, I started stacking things up to carry them into my painting room.  When I had stacked the pitcher it looked just like this and I thought "I like that. In fact I like it better than the still life I had worked so hard on".  Isn't life funny like that sometimes?

This pitcher was another of my garage sale finds from last weekend.  I just loved the contours of it.

Sorry if you got several blank post notices.  My computer was going crazy!
Here is how it might look framed


  1. Love the composition Karla,so spring like.This pitcher is a great find and looks amazing.

  2. Luv it - picture of a pitcher!

  3. Thank you. I really appreciate the support I get here!! The studio can be a lonely place at times.


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