Monday, April 4, 2011

Flowers From the Trash

Lilies and Red Bottle
16 X 20
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Here is how it might look framed

 These were some flowers that a patient left behind when they checked out of the hospital where I volunteer.  I couldn't just throw them away so I decided to see what I could do with them.  I am pretty happy with a lot of this and think I could have done some things better. So what else is new huh?  It's definately better than the last three painting attempts.  I painted this using the guidelines for the Calypso Artist Movement Challenge.  Note: I have re-worked the painting to try and resolve some composition issues.

Here is the music I listened to:

I tried to paint this in a style like Mara Schasteen .  I really admire Mara's paintings.  This week she posted on her facebook page her latest painting that she is working on.  There was some strange blue paint on the bottom 1/3 of the painting.  While Mara stepped away for five minutes, her two year old daughter thought she would help Mommy with her painting. filled her diaper and did some other things.  Mara got lots of support from all her facebook friends.  My favorite comment was "Well at least she didn't paint on it with her poop!"  lol.

 In the end she was able to scrape off the extra paint and all is well.

That is why I had my hubby put a lock on my painting room door.  All that beautiful paint is just too tempting for the grandkids.


  1. Lovely painting. I like the composition and colors. Your story is amusing as well. My oldest daughter fingerpainted on a portrait I had just finished of her.

  2. Thank you Jean, It seems lots of painters have similar stories. I don't imagine you were able to "save" your painting. Did you keep it for posterity?

  3. I hate to waste flowers too.These are captured most beautifully.

  4. A lovely composition and beautiful, soft and romantic palette, Karla.

  5. Thank you Azra, It seems the benefits to me of volunteering just keep on coming.


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