Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Do You Know You Love Something?

Two Red Pairs
8 X 10
Oil on hardboard

 How do you know when you love to do something?  I thought about that as I painted this morning.  I only had a brief amount of time before I had two all-day commitments ahead of me. 

Here is what I decided:
  • You love to do something when other "important" things such as housework, or other hobbies take a back seat.
  • You love to do something when you have over 100 paintings taking over your entire home and you think you need to paint just one more.
  • You know you love to do something when you look at the clock and realize 3 hours have gone by and it felt like 15 minutes. know you love somebody more than something when you give all of your effort to make a nice home for your family and you spend hours and hours trying to be the best parent you can be to the point that you don't have the time or energy for that "other something" that you love.  For every thing there is a season.

This was my entry in the Rookie Painter Challenge
Here is how it might look framed


  1. Love the crop on this! And your reds are luscious!

  2. Love the shades of colour and highlights.You're right I love painting too .

  3. Really love your style of painting. All the best

  4. Thanks April! And thanks for becoming a follower. I like your art too! Although, all those paintings of chocolate was not helping me with my diet! :)

  5. You did a very nice job on the latest " Challenge"!


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