Friday, April 29, 2011

Twenty Minute Challenge

20 Minute Challenge
5 X 5
Oil on Hardboard
Some things in life just fill me with a deep pleasure when I view them.  Bird nests are one of those thhings for me.

This was painted for The Twenty Minute Challenge.  I am always intrigued by how much more expressive my art can be when I am pushed for time.  I think less about each stroke and tend to leave it alone once it is placed. 

Here is how it might look framed
Frame can be purchased at


  1. This is really expressive,love the brushstrokes and turquoise is my favourite colour at the moment.

  2. Karla, I've missed the last couple of posts but you have been busy making beautiful art. I love the background of this bird's nest and the point of view is lovely!

  3. Thank you Azra. This one was so fun to paint.

  4. Thank you Sherry. I've missed you. Hope all is well. Be sure to read tomorrow for a special post.

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  6. Ok, let's try this again without the typos! (it's blue eggs, not eyes! geez) LOL

    I have yet to try the 20 minute challenge, a bit intimidated. You did a wonderful piece, love the dark at the bottom of the nest - makes those lovely blue eggs just pop! Love your hint about a special post tomorrow - I will be tuning in as well!

  7. Thanks Nan! You should give the twenty minute challenge a try I really enjoy it. It keeps me moving along and I think I end up with more of my creative "heart" on the canvas rather than my dull intellectual "brain".


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