Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Pop Art Cherries
48 X 48
Acrylic on Masonite
I told my facebook friends that I really didn't know what my artistic style was and my friend Audrey said my style was "Freestyle!".  I kind of like that.  I do tend to lean toward certain likes but I tend to be  an ecclectic kind of person.  I like a lot of everything!  I don't think anyone will ever say about me "Oh, she's the one who paints boats or roses etc".  I doublt whether I could be happy painting the same subject over and over.  That's just not me.  So here is my BIG painting for today (48" X 48").  I have been eye-balling this piece of wood in my basement for months now and finally got around to painting it.  It makes me smile.


  1. And now I have a craving for luscious cherries! Love the complementary colors, Karla.

  2. How can you do anything but smile at something so cheerful! Love the smooth background.

  3. This painting is just so wonderful, so inviting, and so cheerful. That gorgeous red against the perfect shade of green - works so well. And the simple highlights & shadows - love it!


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