Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fraternal Twins

"Fraternal Twins"
4 X 4
Oil on Hardboard

Here is another cherry painting.  I did this as part of the Paint and Draw Together Challenge .  This one is a "little" smaller than my last painting.  Here is a picture to give you an idea of the contrast in size.

The little blue box in the corner represents the 4 X 4 painting.  It's kind of funny that the timy painting has more detail than the 48 X 48 one!

It sure seems like artists paint fruit a lot.  What do you think is the most often painted fruit?  Apples? Pears? Oranges? Cherries? Or is it grapes???


  1. Different but equally beautiful! I would say apples might be the most painted,but we all have our favourites.

  2. Thanks Azra! One vote for apples.

  3. I vote for pears, Karla! Thanks for visiting my art blog btw, and I appreciate your comments. Your blog has a lot of great information and art also! I guess I'd have to count myself as one who has eclectic tastes in things so I tend to switch things up a lot too. I'm envious of your time in a workshop with Dreama. I really like her style, and why not include Carole Marine while I'm wishing? . .

  4. Thanks Debra. I love your paintings! I did love my time with Dreama and I think I can see some little improvements in my paintings from what I learned there. I wish I had the $$ to go to about 10 different workshops!

    One vote apples, one vote pears

  5. I think I see more pears in paint than any other, but I don't get out much. I love this new cherry painting. They look so real and that is what I love in a piece.

  6. Thanks Sherry! I love realism too. I was wondering about pears too. I seem to see a lot of pears and I love to paint them too. They have great shapes.


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